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Update on Token Guidelines: Implications for Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs): New CCA Guidelines


In November 2022, the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) issued a set of guidelines for Tokens Companies, outlining changes to be implemented after June 30th 2023. These guidelines primarily focus on the serialization of Tokens and have significant implications for the issuance and usage of Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs). This article aims to provide a detailed overview of the guidelines and their impact on the industry.

Guidelines for Token Serial Numbers:

The key requirement introduced by the CCA is that Tokens serial numbers should now start with the initials of the Tokens Company. This change aims to enhance identification and streamline the management of Tokens. For example, if a company named “Watchdata” manufactures Proxkey Tokens, the serial numbers of their Tokens should begin with “WD.” Similarly, other Tokens Companies are required to follow this naming convention.

Transition Period and Discontinuation:

Till June 30th, 2023, the CCA will only permit the download of DSCs onto Tokens that comply with the new serial number format. Consequently, the older Tokens, which do not adhere to the revised guidelines, will become obsolete for downloading DSCs. It is important to note that the majority of associates, companies, and customers currently possess Tokens in the old serial number format.

Immediate Actions:

To ensure the seamless usage of DSCs, it is advised to download DSCs onto the existing stock of Tokens with old serial numbers before the deadline of 30th June 2023 . This allows users to exhaust their current inventory effectively.

Potential Solutions for Unused Tokens:

If users are unable to utilize their old stock of Tokens by the 30th June 2023 deadline, there are discussions taking place between the Tokens Companies, DSC Companies, and the CCA to address this issue. One possible solution being considered is the provision of an extension period, ranging from 2-6 months, during which the old stock can still be utilized. Alternatively, Tokens Companies may seek permission from the CCA to release an update that modifies the old serial number Tokens to comply with the new guidelines. These discussions aim to provide a solution to minimize any potential losses associated with unused Tokens.


The CCA’s guidelines introduced in November 2022 regarding Token serial numbers have significant implications for the issuance and utilization of DSCs. Users are advised to download DSCs onto Tokens with old serial numbers before June 30th 2023. The impending introduction of Tokens with Company initials as serial numbers suggests waiting for the availability of these new Tokens before making new purchases. Discussions are underway to address the issue of unused Tokens, with potential solutions being considered. It is essential for users to assess their stock and consider the available options to minimize any potential risks associated with the new guidelines.


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